Rojin Maljaei
UI/UX Designer

The Geek!

A flat design illustration of a developer

I was asked to come up with an illustration of a developer. We needed this illustration to display it on a landing page for a developer's meetup event. My task was to draw a geek guy in a flat-design fashion.  I thought it would be best to come up with 2 different designs for the client to choose the one they like. The primary tool used to create this project was Adobe illustrator.

The Geek!

Design A

This is a minimalistic 2-dimensional design with harmonic simplicity. To illustrate a developer, I tried to show 3 famous elements of a geek lifestyle! Headphones, a laptop with cool sticker and sometimes glasses!

The Geek!

Design B

A friendly young developer! While it's simple, a proper color contrast catches any viewers eyes for a few seconds!